If Israelis wonder why they are not universally loved, they don’t need to look further than this:


In brief, to punish the Palestinians for supporting Hamas, Israel has cut off food, fuel, and jobs.  And when people broke down the border crossing to Egypt, Israel demands that Egypt “solve the problem”.

What person can rationally believe that this sort of treatment will have the desired effect?  Do Israelis feel goodwill to people who abuse them?  When Hamas lobs missles at them, do they think “Say, this punishment is righteous and I think I’ll start doing what Hamas wants!”

Naturally Hamas is wrong for launching missiles.  But Israel seems to have lost interest in doing anything that might decrease the motivation for launching missiles.  It has abdicated the responsibility for taking care of the people under its control.  All it wants to do is punish and punish and punish.  The Bush administration calls this Israel “defending itself”.  This is the opposite of defense.  It’s ensuring permanent war.