Update: setting up a new domain now.  Haven’t installed board software yet nor looked at the morass of database wrangling.
Update update: in case anyone relies on old postings for new news, the ZBB is back up and lives at www.incatena.org
Back in September, spinnwebe got hacked. Another attack came up in November, though apparently limited to the ZBB, and this was repeated this month.
(Edit: it just occurred to me that people may not know that this is why people are getting big “malware” alerts when using some browsers.  The hackers added code to redirect search engine visitors to a spam site.  Google detected this and classified the site as infected.)

spinn addressed the first two problems, and I removed the immediate source of the latest attack (in .htaccess). However, the infection must go deeper– the .htacess file isn’t going to hack itself. I’m no security expert and have no experience in fixing such things, nor am I the webmaster of the board.  I can’t force spinn to deal with something that is, after all, an annoying interruption to him.

This situation, as well as the problems at Almeopedia (also due to hacking), lead me to think that the board can only be satisfactorily run from a website under my own control. Then at least I can start from a hack-free state and have the tools to deal with problems as they come up.

It will take some time to set things up. When there’s news, I’ll post it.

The site seems to work on some browsers, but again this is not a sign that the site is OK; something keeps infecting it.  It’s probably not going to actually harm anyone, but I can’t say for sure since I don’t know what the real problem is.  Given that, it seems better to keep the board closed.

(It doesn’t help that some people chose to whine about things not being done fast enough for them.  Sometimes I don’t know why I bother to have a board.  But then I remember– it’s to keep my e-mail down.)
(Edit edit: didn’t realize that the board wasn’t visible at all to non-mods, so I put up a pointer back here.)