Obenzayet and Almea+400

First, if you haven’t seen it, I finally finished the Obenzayet grammar. I started it around 1997– much of the lexicon was already visible on the Proto-Eastern page, but now you can see what a Naviu grammar looks like.

I’ve been steadily doing stuff over on my Patreon. Here’s a teaser: a map of Ctesifon at its height in 1750.

Here’s a list of what I’ve done so far on the Patreon:

  • An essay on the Cadinorian constitution
  • An essay on the Verdurian constitution (these two together are about 70 pages)
  • A timeline of future technology
  • Modern Verdurian terms (this is now on my website)
  • An essay on how to write fantasy given that most actual historical kings and kingdoms were appalling
  • The new base map of Lebiscuri
  • A grammar of Bhöɣetan, the first known language from Lebiscuri
  • A map of the Verdurian subway system as of 3625
  • An architectural diagram from my Middle East book, and a quick tutorial on how to do stuff like that in Illustrator
  • The Obenzayet grammar (it appeared there first)
  • Ongoing: A series of historical maps of Ctesifon, from ancient times into The Future. This will be part of the archeology section of Almea+400.

So, a lot goes on there, and it’ll keep going on. Plus, people ask interesting questions and point out all my typos. Sign up to see these and more!

If you can’t, that’s fine too– eventually most of this stuff will be available on my website, or as a companion volume to the print Historical Atlas.