Red states pull ahead

Today the red states (the states Trump won in 2016) pulled ahead.

Coronavirus cases in red states: 1.625 million
Coronavirus cases in blue states: 1.590 million

Since my last update, June 26: 188,000 new cases in blue states, 533,000 in red states. 

And that’s despite the hefty lead built up by New York (426,000 cases), and California’s valiant effort to stay in the running.  But the death cult is winning.

Cases per million people is a good stat to look at between nations. The US has 9900; the UK 4200; South Korea 261. Of course whenever South Korea is brought up, people immediately think of reasons we couldn’t possibly learn from them, so let’s look at Canada: 2800.

Here;’s a comparison of daily US vs. EU cases. It’s as of July 1; I couldn’t find a later chart. Today’s new case count is way off this chart at 64,000.  Europe beat the curve; we didn’t bother. Donald Trump’s ego was way more important.


And the right-wing lie machine is still telling its viewers that there’s no problem.  Could they at least put a health warning on the screen?  “Warning: listening to Fox News can kill you and your family.”


I’ve played this game for, let’s see, an hour and a half.  But I’m happy with it, and I expect to keep dipping into it for awhile. Plus, it’s just $6.


It’s a town creator– not a game like Cities: Skylines or even Minecraft, but a toy for laying out towns by placing blocks. You choose only the color, and the game decides exactly how to render it– adding roofs, railings, support brackets, and so on.  Pretty much anything you do ends up as a pretty little seaside town.

(There are not many controls, but one that isn’t obvious: left-click to create a block, right-click to delete one.)

It’s in Early Access, so who knows what may be added to it. (If you’re listening, game creator, what I personally want is raw terrain for fields and hills and beaches, and the ability to import a map and build on it.) But it already makes a great toy, and has nice touches like birds that congregate on the roofs, and fly around if you build near them.

You can look at the Steam community page, or the #townscaper tag on Twitter, for all the neat creations that people are making.  My own contribution:

town creep

The game uses a slightly irregular grid, which adds to the charm.  I purposely kept this as I think it makes the Creeper more interesting.

(Minecraft aficionados will wonder if I got the mouth shape wrong.  No, I just used blue blocks for the lower parts of his frown. Open spaces didn’t work well, as the game then treats the bottom of his mouth as a balcony and creates supports for it.)