Drawing practice

For about a month I’ve been trying to draw a picture every night, to try to maintain and improve my skills. Here’s some of my favorites so far.

They’re based on photos, but done by eye (no tracing). The originals are in pencil on 11″x14″ art paper.


That’s where I grew up, though I don’t remember it like that— my Dad later tore off the porch and made a little brick porch instead.


Faye Wong, from Chunking Express.


Just to show that I can draw things that aren’t Chinese girls. Oh, and one more Chinese girl:


So, what I’ve learned so far: I can draw if I have reference. Also, despite all the neat toys in Photoshop, maybe I do better on paper. (Compare my last drawing post.) I am trying some drawings without reference as well.

The drawing pad isn’t done yet, so more later…