Business Report

Now that I have one more title, it was time to convert my book sales records to the exciting technology of 1997— Excel!

This allows me to do some more data wrangling, such as this chart of sales for the last month:


(I had to label it myself, though. Separate legends for pie charts are dumb and should fail the designers out of Tufte school.)

If you’re curious, the all-time sales chart looks very similar, but the older titles get bigger slices. Total sales for the LCK are now over 8,000.  That’s a lot of conlangs inflicted on a  world which may or may not be ready for them.

For fiction fans, the good news is that Against Peace and Freedom sales just reached 201, which is the level I set for creating an Incatena conlang. So that will happen sometime this year.  The bad news is that, as you can see on the pie chart, fiction sales are crappy, which is why I mostly write non-fiction books.  The next one is probably going to be a manual on Quechua.

More data wrangling: Google ads are barely worth it, rarely reaching $10 a month.  I mostly keep them because I like having the search engine widget.

Also: print is far from dead. In fact it’s 62% of sales. But it varies by book: people apparently prefer to read fiction, and about China, on their Kindles.

My best month is always December, for obvious reasons. January is usually pretty good, presumably because if people didn’t get the books they wanted for Christmas, they buy it for themselves.  (Go do it now!)  The months in between tend to form a saddle shape, with the depressing low point around May or June.

Thanks to everyone who bought books!  Happy reading!