I didn’t think the next update would be quite this soon. My Dad died this morning, at about 9:30 a.m.

In front of his first house, in 1950

In front of his first house, in 1950

The last few weeks he had been declining fast. He was having trouble walking; the last time we went out to eat he needed to be in the wheelchair, and even then it was a terrible hassle getting him in and out of the car. The week before this, I made him crepes instead of taking him out. This week, he wasn’t able to eat by himself– his caregiver had to feed him. He was unresponsive at times; other times he’d talk, but be hard to understand. I saw him Friday and he seemed agitated but couldn’t quite explain what was wrong. Still, he just seemed to run out of steam rather than suffer much.

For anyone planning to live 95 years, as he did, here’s one life lesson: take pictures of yourself. One of today’s tasks was to assemble pictures for a display at the funeral. I looked through the ~ 2700 slides I’ve scanned, and found perhaps a dozen of him. He was the photographer, so we have oodles of pictures of Mom, the kids, friends, touristic destinations, etc., but not many of him. (Until the 1980s, when my Mom got her own camera.)

I will probably post about him some more when we start sorting through the house. My brother in law found a WWII story I’m eager to set down…