My ears have been itching and hurting, and this weekend it was affecting my hearing. So today I went to a nurse.  I thought it might be an ear infection, but it was impacted cerumen, or in English, a whole ton of wax.  If you’re curious, what they do is spritz water with water and peroxide into your ear… kind of hosing it out.

Which is hardly blogworthy, but I thought the perceptual effect was. It was like having the volume knob turned up on the world. But not uniformly– certain sounds jumped out, like my car keys jangling, or water running, or the refrigerator.  I’m guessing a range of high-frequency sounds had been suppressed, and now they were back.  It was like having a Foley artist a few steps behind me.

My wife must’ve thought I sounded crazy– “Does our refrigerator always sound like that?”  I’m sure I won’t even notice all this by tomorrow, but it was kind of weird.