I finished Saints Row 2. At least, I’ve done all the missions and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to go back and finish the remaining side activities. Unlike in SR3, there are six levels of difficulty and they get hard without getting more fun.

Bottom line: I’ve played it for 55 hours, which is pretty good for $3.74. Plus now I understand all the back references in SR4.

Biggest plus: Stilwater feels larger and more varied than Steelport.  SR3 is prettier, but SR2 has more to explore… a university, caverns, completely inexplicable Roman ruins, a trailer park, a sprawling shopping mall, Chinatown, public housing, weird stuff like this:

You want to sleep with the electronic fishes?

You want to sleep with the electronic fishes?

Oh, and Rebecca Sanabria’s voice acting (female voice 3 for the Boss) is still great.

Biggest minus: it’s harder than SR3 (and way harder than SR4).  Some of the missions are really nasty and have ungenerous checkpoints… the worst are the ones where you have to follow someone within a time limit; enemy cars will just swarm you, and the cars are not as maneuverable as in SR3.  I don’t think I’d want to play it again… on the other hand, it makes me want to pick up SR3 and SR4 again.

And one dumb thing: you can buy music in the game.  With game money.  It’s dumb just because it’s tedious… toward the end I had plenty of cash, but no desire to go through a bunch of menus buying individual songs.

(Also, in general the game is, understandably, less polished than SR3.  E.g. Insurance Fraud is one of my favorite activities, but it’s hard to finish the high levels because there aren’t enough cars.  They must have found a way to greatly increase the traffic density in SR3.)