I’ve been working on my Unity game, on and off.  I finally more or less finished the street the heroine, Ticai, lives on:


There is something wrong with the lighting which I haven’t figured out… it seems to be very hard to get an even sunlight.  Some models just insist on being in the dark, even if they’re next to brightly lit models.  That yellow house to the right of Ticai’s head, for instance– I had to add a point light so it didn’t look like it’s midnight there.

This part takes forever because each building has to be modeled separately. I can re-use models, but I don’t want it to be too obvious when I’m doing so.

A still picture can’t show it, but I’ve tried to 3-d model rather than use textures where possible.  The windows and doors are 3-D, for instance.  It looks better as you walk around, and I read somewhere that polygons are cheap.

Here’s a view down in the sewers, complete with mystery corpse:


Hmm, I should probably bevel those edges.

Sadly, Unity water isn’t as nice as Source water– it doesn’t reflect.