Take that, Greenteeths

Eager to get my $30 worth, I decided to replay Remember Me, this time in French. (The developers are French, so it seemed like the right choice. Sadly and stupidly, they didn’t lip-synch the characters to their own language.)

Anyway, it was a lot easier this time. One thing, of course, is knowing the moves required for each boss. Also, I spent the early fights trying to master the second combo. Basically the problem was that I was fighting as in Arkham City, where you can’t get a punch in too early. RM wants you to hit at a slow steady pace– as one of the hints says, hit the next key just as the animation for the previous hit plays. Also, the jumps are the opposite of Mirror’s Edge: you have to jump well short of the edge.

As for this fight, which halted me last time–


–I beat it. For reference, here’s what I did:

  • Use only the 3-hit combo.  With ten leapers in play, you’re not going to get 5 or more hits in.
  • I added a health and cooldown pressen to the combo.  This restores the health they keep whittling down, and crucially, cuts down the 3-minute cooldown on the one attack (Sensen DOS) that affects the Mourner Leapers.  You don’t really care about doing damage, since dead leapers will be replaced.
  • I did not want to replay this fight, so if I was getting low on health, I switched to a health + blue (intensifier) pressen until my health bar was back up.
  • I would move to a Leaper, try to get my 3 hits in, and S-space back.  Also, don’t get so fixated on the combos that you fail to avoid the enemy attacks.  Better to avoid (= space) and try again.
  • The moment you have Sensen DOS, use it and attack a Mourner. Use Fury if you have the focus for it.  You will have to do this about three times per Leaper in easy mode.
  • Eventually one Mourner will go down.  Now, with just five ordinary leapers, it’s just a matter of staying alive and waiting out the cooldowns. It still took forever, but it was tedious rather than impossible.
  • Finally, fagawdsake remember the button press order to get past the final QTE: right mouse, left mouse, right mouse.
  • Don’t forget to wipe out any remaining Leapers.

It’s still a highly annoying fight; the mechanic of “you can only use one attack and you can’t use it now” is just not fun.  I feel skilled when Batman takes down a boss; this is just wearying.  Also, with all those Leapers, it’s really easy to get surrounded by Leapers, and then it’s hard to get out.  Try to stay outside the pack.

But I can progress in the story now.

The memory remixes are still the best part of the game.  This idea of changing people’s memories is fascinating and rather disturbing, and they should have used it way more.  As it is, it’s like a Portal game where there are only four places in the game where you can use portals.

Also, a linguistic side-note: Edge, the voice in Nilin’s ear, calls her frangine.  This is sis in the English version, which is a perfectly good translation, and yet sounds way weirder in English.  There’s a joshing familiarity about it in French, with a tincture of solidarity. I can’t think of a good equivalent in English.