I’ll remember this bot all right

I hate this thing:


It’s a Zorn, a boss in episode 3 of Remember Me, and it’s one of my least favorite things in video games: a boss you can’t defeat just by what you’ve learned so far. You basically have to find a walkthrough. For reference, here’s what you do.

1. Try to dodge the crates it throws.  I have not figured this out for certain as Dodge (space) doesn’t always work.  But if you’re moving, you may avoid damage.

2. You need a little distance, so if the Zorn is nearby and gets the big red ! over his head, hit space and then run away.  Repeat as necessary.

3. Use the Junk Bolt Spammer– left-shift plus RMB.  You need to turn his health bar gray; it may take two shots.

4. Do nothing till he jumps at you; dodge (space).  He will get his arm trapped in the ground.  IMMEDIATELY spam him– left-shift while mashing LMB.  If you don’t get in enough shots he’ll regenerate his arm and you’re back to step 3.  If you do, he loses his arm.

5. Now he’ll sometimes do earthquake attacks.  Supposedly you can dodge, but I didn’t figure out how.  If you’ve dodged his other attacks, you’ll survive.  But anyway, do steps 3-4 again to take out his other arm.

6. More earthquake attacks, but after he unleashes an orange one, there’s a few seconds while he’s stunned and you can finish him off with Junk Bolt Spammer.

7. Now you get a Quicktime Event (stop that, developers).  Hit RMB, then LMB, then RMB when prompted.  If you don’t, you’re back at step 5.

Also, don’t die, because you have to start over from the beginning.  Even in Easy mode.  Bastards.

You may get one chance to use the Stun superpower (Q).  I tried this a lot on many unsuccessful runs, but not on the one that worked.  If you follow the above guide you don’t need it.

Yeesh.  I guess Arkham City has similar fights, where everything you’ve learned is useless except the one toy the developer wants you to use– e.g. the final fight with Clayface.  But I could forgive that because it’s the greatest game ever.

  • Edit: After thinking about it more: the reason I give Arkham City more slack is really that it has optional combat maps.  You can’t perfect its particular combat system without playing them, a lot.   (Also, fuck quicktime events.  It’s game designer laziness: rather than figure out an actual skill for the player to use, they fall back on showing you a cutscene with annoying failure modes built in.)

This fight, and a nasty one with invisible enemies, plus the fact that there are never alternative routes anywhere, has lessened my original enamorment.

Something I didn’t mention before, though: the beautiful set design and conworlding.  It’s kind of your standard near-future dystopia, with dizzying levels of inequality, disturbing new technologies, and plenty of side material to explore.  There’s an interesting bit where Nilan’s ally, Edge, uses the intel she gathered to unleash a flood in the rich quarter of Neo-Paris, and Nilan expresses some actual shock over this as well as the subsequent police crackdown.  Not that you can find an alternative ally or anything, but it’s a rare game that vocalizes some doubt over the character’s own actions, at least before the inevitable reversal.

  • Edit: Finally got to the next memory edit scene.  Mind-blowing in several senses.  They surely weren’t hard to program, so why didn’t they do lots more of these?