I finished Rage.  It is indeed about 21 hours.  At the end it gets very sf-ey, with the bafflingly over-engineered corridors familiar to us from sf movies:

Drywall and flourescents would've worked fine

Drywall and flourescents would’ve worked fine

The final mission feels strangely incomplete.  The final boss fight consists of a bunch of charged-up mutants– monsters you’ve been fighting all along, which can be easily disposed of if you bought shitloads of wingsticks and pulse rounds.  And that’s it.  You kill a bunch of them but not, you know, any particularly large ones, there’s a little cutscene, and you’re done.  It’s much less hard than many of the previous missions.

It’s a weirdly meh game given that they’ve done a lot of things right.  Once you have the right drivers, it’s beautiful, even more so than Fallout 3 or FNV.  The voice acting is good, and you can talk to most anyone.  The racing sections offer a change of pace and a challenge, though I really really hate WASD controls for vehicles.  The fighting missions have just enough challenge and variety.

But I find I don’t have any great desire to play it again.  I think it’s because they’ve skimped on toys and story.  The closest thing to a fascinating toy is the remote controlled mini-car, but there’s precisely one mission where it’s useful.  As for story, they’ve got one, but they didn’t bother to add explorable background material (as in Fallout or Dishonored), there’s no character you care for, and no one is particularly distinctive or funny or scary.