Old World Blues

Finally got to a high enough level to play this DLC for Fallout New Vegas.  And it was worth it!  I like it better than the main game.

Rather than the usual post-apocalyptic wasteland, the Big MT that you explore here is a wasteland of SCIENCE.  It was a think tank before the war, and the leading scientists basically kept at their posts as the war destroyed civilization– going slowly mad, but continuing their experiments– and feuds.  Along the way they take out their brains and put them in mobile robotic contraptions.

WARNING: beyond these fields lies SCIENCE. DANGEROUS science

Mad scientists are generally irresistible, and the add-on has a goofy comic tone, with some really good voice acting.  All the scientists are distinctive, and have exploitable quirks– plus you can talk with them quite a long time.  Plus, naturally, you can get new weapons, a talking stealth suit, and fight nasty new enemies.

Edit: That stealth suit is sweet for, well, stealh.  But I had to drop it pronto.  It injects stimpaks for you– and before I knew it, my carefully hoarded pile of 80 stimpaks was cut in half.  I’d rather manage that myself, suit.

It’s likely to do a number on your ammo. You can scrounge more, but it’s hard to find enough to fill everything with bullets.  On the other hand you’ll get a load of Energy Cells, and a new gun to use them, so put some skill points in Energy Weapons.

Also, for this DLC and for the game as a whole, you can hardly have too much Speech and Science.  A number of quests require a speech level of 75, and one way of getting through the final confrontation requires science 100.  That’s kind of absurd; on the other hand I advanced something like half a dozen levels inside Big MT, so I could actually max out science.

The stealth suit has good DT has an auto-stimpak feature, which turns out to suck– it ate up half my supply before I stopped it and switched back to leather armor.  On the other hand, I like all my new guns– especially the sonic emitter, which also has the great advantages that a) it uses ammo really effectively, and b) after an upgrade (fixing the jukebox), you can get a new one in 100% condition at any time.

Anyway, it’s just $5 on Steam, so what are you waiting for?  Do you hate SCIENCE?