I created a video playlist on YouTube– let’s see if I can embed it.  Here’s a link in case you want to watch it there instead.

These are all videos where I liked both the music and the video. About half of them are from jwz’s mixtapes.  Sorry for the ads, that’s  Google’s fault.  I’ve plugged a few of these before.

Some miscellaneous comments…

  • Megan Washington has her own video for Clementine, but I prefer this one by Keith Loutit.  Tilt-shift baffles me: it shouldn’t work but it does.  If you look at an actual miniature, you don’t get that out-of-focus effect.  Plus, this one actually tells a story!
  • The Limousines’ The Future is brilliant, and (very) darkly comic.  Plus it features a cameo by the zombie-fighting kids.
  • There’s dozens more Usavich shorts by now.  They’re addictive.  The rabbits’ names are Pūchin and Kirenenko.
  • A lot of Gorillaz videos are pretty interesting, though the music doesn’t always fit as well as here.
  • OK, the Saints Row 3 cap (it’s not mine) hardly counts as a video.  But it does showcase the really charming duet of What I Got as well asRebecca Sanabria’s mixture of cute and awesome.
  • Janelle Monae can sure rock a tuxedo.  Or probably anything else she wants to. Daphne Shum (from Rat Vs Possum, in the silver leotard) is also cute as a button.  More cute than a button, really– what a lousy idiom that is.
  • All of Cyriak’s videos are jaw-droppingly creative and surreal.
  • If only OKGo’s music was as inventive as their videos I would have included one.
  • It kind of bugs me that the video for Girls Like You has nothing to do with the lyrics.  And yet it’s a great video.