Nothing could ever go wrong if you entrust your data to a megacorporation, right?

I have a throwaway Yahoo account for when I need another e-mail address, and someone seems to be mining it to send spam.  I went to check it out, and Yahoo wants me to validate it by having them send a message to my phone.  Now, they don’t have my phone number, and I don’t have a cel phone.  So, no e-mail access.

It’s a minor inconvenience– my real mail is on my personal computer.  But it underlines why I don’t trust The Cloud.  Data that’s not on your personal media is effectively owned by the people who host it.

Edit: I was able to reset the password, so that’s nice.  Still can’t figure out how someone spammed my contacts.  But mostly I’m boggling at Yahoo having a policy that adds no security and locks people out of their accounts.