Chris Wayan’s worlds

Alert reader Alon Levy pointed me to one of Chris Wayan’s revamped Earths.  They’re really a lot of fun, and essential reading for a conworlder.


Each world starts with some simple concept, and then its geology and climate are worked out in detail. For instance:

  • Seapole (pictured above), with new axes chosen to put the poles in open ocean
  • Shiveria, with new axes that put both poles on land (producing a permanent ice age)
  • Dubia, Earth after a thousand years of global warming
  • Inversia, with land and sea reversed
  • Jaredia, another axis reboot, designed to create as many east-west continents as possible (as Jared Diamond recommends for advancing civilization)
  • Extremely large or small planets

It looks like he actually constructs these things and paints them, rather than just modelling them on the computer.

(I should perhaps note, the rest of Wayan’s site is devoted to retelling dreams, with pictures, and it’s… eccentric.  The worldbuilding is fascinating though.)