Proof that proofing exists

The proof copy of Advanced Language Construction arrived today!  When I was doing the LCK two years ago, it took about two weeks to get it; this one arrived in six days.  Amazon is getting frighteningly efficient.

What’s next?  I’ve started proofing the proof, which will take a couple days.  Then I make corrections.  Two more readers are perusing the same text, so I’ll have a few more corrections to make.  Then, another proof copy, hopefully the final one.  So I expect the book will be available in mid-August.

It reads pretty smoothly, thanks to the platoon of readers who’ve gone over it.  (Embarrassingly, I still find errors.  But one reason for the proof is that errors stand out much more in print, especially things like font mismatches.)

One thing I learned from the LCK is that many readers are acutely conscious of typography, so I’ve paid much more attention to that this time around.  ALC will be hyphenated, with single spaces after periods, which helps eliminate uneven text and annoying little bits of white space.

LCK’s body text was Century Schooltext, with Gentium for oddball characters.  This isn’t the best combination, but fortunately there are now better ones.  I like Linux Libertine for all citations and glosses.  As an experiment, I printed one chapter with the body text in Libertine too.  Sigh: I haven’t entirely decided.  It looks fine, and I really like having everything in one font.  But Century Schoolbook is a little larger (at the same point size, 11) and friendlier.  On the other hand, Libertine handily won the little poll I ran at the ZBB.  I wonder if I can set it to 11.5 points…