Book news

When we last visited this topic, I was sending out a draft of Advanced Language Construction for review.  As comments came back, I’d made corrections or add clarifications.  The only fairly big revision came when my friend Daniel suggested talking about “prestige”.  I decided I wanted to include what Labov said about the leaders of sound change, and that turned out to require finding out what he said about the leaders of sound change.  And you really can’t skim Labov.  So that took awhile.

If you think of books only as a readers, they’re products– a solid slab of text that seemingly emerged whole from the mind of its author, like Athena.  For the writer, it’s not solid at all; it starts out gaseous and only slowly solidifies.  It’s at about the consistency of Play-Dough right now.  I occasionally reshape a bit or plop on a bit more clay.

The good news is that the people who’ve read it seem to like it.  That’s more than can be said of the first draft of APAF!

I just sent a revised draft to a few more people.  So the idea is, I get some more comments, revise, and then order a physical proof copy.  I find that a lot of things (especially formatting) are only evident on paper.  So start saving your lawnmowing money, the book is coming soon!

If you prefer Kindle format, that’ll be a bit longer, as all the illustrations have to be converted into fuzzy, half-readable JPGs.