Edit: I’ve gotten a  lot of responses– thank you!  I am rushing through one more read-through so I can get it out to people, hopefully tomorrow night.

Not long ago I felt I’d written about all I had to say in the LCK2 (Advanced Language Construction), but I had only 250 pages, and I was aiming for 280.  Well, problem solved!  The section on modality added about 10 pages, and I just finished a short chapter on logic and loglangs.

Can you buy it?  Er, not yet!  I still need to spell-check it, index it, order a proof copy, draw the cover, and all that.  But you can read it, maybe!

I need a handful of readers, whose chief characteristic is a willingness to read a whole PDF and make some comments, and not take too long either.  (Although I have some weeks available, the earlier I get feedback the better, especially anything that requires research.)

Different ability levels are welcome; though I’d love to have readers who can find inaccuracies, I’m most interested in knowing what’s confusing or what’s missing.  You don’t have to have read the LCK, but if you’ve read nothing at all linguistic it’ll probably too hard.

So if that sounds like you, contact me (markrose at zompist dot com).