Well, I said I’d do something dumb, and I did.  I got to character level 11 and dungeon level 4.  I had the whole Vampirism tree down and was getting the Sight one– I wanted to get to Laser Eyes.  Single monsters were no trouble, and even half a dozen weren’t so hard.  Then I opened a monster zoo– something like 130 monsters, which is out of control.

I had some acid flasks though, which helped thin them down… eventually ran away, then made my way back, edging toward them, using traps… in short, I cleared the room.  Only there were still 55 monsters left; they were in another room.  I could see it on the minimap.

And here’s where I made my fatal error.  I’d just cleared a roomful of monsters; I could do it again!  And if not, I had Invisibility to get away.  But this was foolish, foolish overconfidence.  I was out of acid flasks and the bombs I had were no equivalent.  But the real killer was that a monster snuck around me, blocking my exit.  I kept trying to escape, not quite grasping that there was no route.  I should have used my Sparkly skill but I was too focussed on escaping.

Oh well.  Still finding it charming.