I tried out Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga.  And I have to warn people: don’t.  Not because it’s a bad game; what I could play was interesting enough; there was even one side quest where the mechanism (get info from a prisoner by posing as his buddy helping him to escape) was clever as these things go.

But it also crashes regularly to desktop, and not the reload-and-pray kind of crash either– it’s the blocks-all-progress kind of crash.  First it’d crash after the initial movies.  They actually have some support and got me past that (I had to reload some drivers).  I played for about two hours, and then it crashed whenever I entered the place where the main quest led to– a place I’d entered before.  I decided to try a new game… and now the original crash is back.

Sorry to be so disgruntled, but developers, this is why we have Steam updates.  From Googling, it’s very common for the game to crash; this just doesn’t seem acceptable.