Amazon provides authors with some fun sales reporting tools, such as this one— a chart of US print sales by region:

(I redid the text portions to make it sprawl a bit less.)

Go, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Detroit!  If I ever do a book tour, I know where to go!

Sadly, the chart doesn’t show foreign lands, which make up about a third of my print sales over this period, nor Kindle, which are about 30% of my total sales.  I wish I could get more than 2 months of data at once, too.

If you’re curious, total LCK sales are now over 2100, and PCK sales above 550.  Those are fantastic numbers for basically no publicity, and I’m very grateful.  It’s also why I’m prioritizing writing another linguistics book over getting more novels out there.  (APAF sales have inched up to 55.  On the plus side, the people who’ve read it seem to like it!  Go buy a copy and you’ll see!)

I’m on page 134 of LCK2, by the way.  My desk consists of a pile of linguistics books right now, and I need to get more to get up to speed on some of the more obscure subjects.

I keep trying to convince my clever but lazy friends to publish with Yonagu.  I may have a bite on the line!  More on that later.