Finally got here in Arkham City:

I get to see all the concept art, baybee

Yes, I’m a big dork.  That’s every goddamn Riddler trophy, riddle, broken balloon, and general hellraising.  Though many are easy, overall they’re harder than in Arkham Asylum; I guess they got feedback that Riddler should challenge Batman more.  I’m certainly glad I won’t have to do them again. 

Edit: So how is it?  Well, there’s many in plain sight, many that are easy to get but require a bit of exploration (including exploration with exploding gel), and then a whole bunch that require somewhat clever use of your gadgetry:

  • ones where you have to touch the green pressure plates without touching anything else, requiring careful gliding or occasionally the line tool
  • ones where you have to break a wall you can’t reach, and for some reason the batclaw no longer works for this; you glide into them
  • question marks you have to activate all at once with a combination of gel and bataranges; or where you have to hit them in a particular sequence
  • a couple of really annoying ones that require a certain amount of pressure, and thus a very high dive + detonation (which you can also use as an attack though frankly not often)
  • some in low positions that require making frozen rafts to get to
  • there are also a bunch that are rewarded for particular combat moves
  • Catwoman trophies that require walking on the ceiling; also note that a few of these require preparatory work by Batman, like blowing up walls

Plus, the more trophies you get, you get more challenge maps, access to the Riddle hostage side mission, as well as tapes, models, and art. 

Is it all worth it?  Well, if you love the game and want a chance to use all those skills in fiddly ways, sure. 

(The conceit that it’s Riddler who placed all these items, rather than the map designers, is kind of odd.  Granted that we now know he has his own thugs… how does he pay them?  And if he can hack Tyger terminals, why doesn’t he escape?)

Edit edit: if you are a map designer, I can see wanting a game mode that forces people to look thoroughly over your work.  There are many beautiful rooms that you just blow through while playing the game; the Riddler challenges require a slower stroll through them.

The endgame is better than AA, in that you can beat up all the thugs you want (as opposed to a few stray looneys in AA), and some of the side missions aren’t bad.  My favorite bit: punching Riddler in his ugly self-satisfied mug:

Look at that slappable smile

So all the side missions are done (except the damn advanced AR training), and the game still tells me I’m only 79% done.  I’m guessing the rest is either the remaining challenge maps, or the rest of New Game Plus.

Edit: Yes, New Game Plus is included in the percentage.