Catching up to what people were playing two years ago, I got this during the Steam holiday sale.  It’s fun, though I’m not finding it as engrossing as most people seemed to.

Preparing for multiplayer, the enemy is firing at my nonexistent buddies too

It’s your basic dungeon crawl… indeed, the game seems to take place in one huge dungeon with about thirty levels so far.  You can play a warrior, rogue, or summoner; I picked the rogue because I like hitting things before they get can hit me.  One refreshing bit is that ranged weapons include guns.   I also like the fact that your pet can go sell extra loot, so you don’t have to lose time on that.  If only Lydia was that smart.

You go kill the enemies, go down the stairs, go kill more.  The levels are kind of directional; you can traverse them by random exploration, but you can find more treasure and monsters by taking side paths.  There’s a story which is mostly there to provide bosses every few levels.

The main draw is getting loot, from chests or dead monsters or even shops back in town.  There’s a huge variety, so you are constantly watching to get better armor and weapons than what you have.  This is the main appeal of Borderlands, too… however, that had co-op, which greatly extends the funfulness.  And of course you want better gear in order to wallop more monsters.  I mostly use guns, though I’m also sporting this amazing number:

The art direction is cartoony rather than realistic.  This will disappoint anyone who expects lifelike depictions of zombies, mini-dragons, giant spiders, and elaborately constructed underground fortresses.

I think it’s very well done for what it does; the problem is that it only does that.  It’s dungeon crawl, dungeon crawl, dungeon crawl.  You don’t even get any puzzles or vehicle sections as a change of pace. 

I’m playing on Normal, which is probably too easy… especially as I’ve just run into a stretch where I seem to be rather overpowered.  Except when I run into a load of monsters and die, and the frigging game wants to send me back to the beginning of the level, which is completely annoying.  (You can also take an XP hit, so I should probably do that instead.)  Maybe it’d be more fun on a harder difficulty, but my heart sinks at the idea of replaying 25 levels. 

I’ve put most of my skills in archery, critical shots, and magic.  I can kill most bosses by plugging away with guns, and most mobs crumble with a few fireballs, a fire burst, and/or critical hits.  Plus I have a belt which has a 1% chance of monsters (even bosses) changing sides… as there are an awful lot of enemies, this happens pretty frequently.  (I couldn’t figure it out at first… I thought I wasn’t doing damage to the dudes due to a bug.)