After reading an introduction to a topic, I want to read more.  Usually the only alternative is another introduction, or a more specialized volume, and what I really want is Volume Two.  I think you can see where this is heading.  I’ve decided that what the world needs is a sequel to the Language Construction Kit.  It’s tentatively called Advanced Language Construction, though I’ve toyed with Language Construction Madhouse, Revenge of the Language Construction Kit, and The Language Construction Kit: Bloodlines.

The main idea is to talk about things that weren’t covered, or not enough, in Volume One.  That includes how to write a grammar, case structures, trigger systems, scope and syntactic trees, sign language, pidgins and creoles, and logographic writing systems.  Maybe something on logical languages.  Probably more on borrowings and a plausible level of semantic change.

There are a couple of new tools to talk about, such as my vocabulary generation tool Gen, and the Visual SCA.  (Which doesn’t exist yet, but would be a complete update of the SCA, handling things like transposition, management of your phoneme inventory, and highlighting changes between runs.)

There’s also some topics in linguistics that I didn’t cover because I didn’t see much relevance to conlanging, but which I’d like to introduce for completeness: language acquisition and bilingualism.

I’ve always wanted to do an etymological ideabook, but it’d be a huge amount of work and I’m not sure if that’ll get in.

I’m in the early stages of writing, so if there’s a topic you’d like to see more about, now is a good time to tell me (markrose at zompist dot com, or tweet to @zompist).

(If you were worried, I’m also still working on Diary of the Prose Wars.)