I started Dead Space 2, which is even creepier than the original.  For one thing, you start out in a straitjacket.  With monsters attacking you.  (If you can survive the first few minutes, it’s actually a pretty clever way for the game to get you slowly outfitted.)

mmmm that's good suit

Isaac talks this time, which I guess is fine.  He doesn’t sound a bit like tieboy.  So far he’s mostly “what the fuck?” which is a pretty valid reaction. 

I’m too early in the game to say much about it, except it’s definitely Dead Space, though with better graphics (and the first game was no slouch), better camera movement, more weapons, and darker hallways. 

I hope it holds up; the first hour has some awfully tense bits.  The sequence where you have to improvise weapons with the telekinesis field is pretty cool.  And the bit where Isaac gets his plasma cutter is gruesome.