Via Mefi, here’s a pretty amazing French parody.

The story is that in 1993 Warner Bros. allowed Canal+ to air anything in their catalog of thousands of films. Michel Hazanavicius, who would go on to direct the OSS 117 films, took the opportunity to create an original story by splicing together clips from about 50 films. The basic story is how three journalists (in film mostly borrowed from All the President’s Men, but adding Paul Newman) investigate the last words of Georges Abitbol– played by John Wayne– which were monde de merde (‘shitty world’).  They talk to people who know him, finding that Georges was not the man he seemed to be.

They got the usual actors who dubbed American film stars to cover each actor– e.g. Abitbol is voiced by the guy who did John Wayne. 

It’s in French, but if you follow the  Mefi link at the top, you can read my translation of this clip.  (Don’t just read it, it’ll sound dumb.  You have to get the accompanying visuals and line readings.)