Some classic animation

A couple of classic cartoons were featured over at Cartoon Brew.

One I’ve read about many times but never seen: Chuck Jones’s 1942 parody of college stories, The Dover Boys.

The pacing is slow and the backgrounds and gag density lower than usual, but it’s cute, not least for not simply following the structure of the stories it’s parodying– the Dover Boys aren’t goofy heroes that save the day at all. I suspect this would be a lot of funnier if I’d actually seen any of the material Jones is mocking.

New to me was this 1945 Donald Duck short, Duck Pimples:

I haven’t seen that many Disney shorts, and the ones I’ve seen generally don’t get my enthusiasm higher. The Disney characters just aren’t as satisfying, and there’s a feeling that everything is aimed at children. But this one is unusual, especially as it features art by caricaturist Virgil Partch. Donald is still a zero, but the radio show parodies are a lot of fun. And good lord but could the classic Disney studio animate. Look at the immense work that goes merely into the opening shot of a rain-soaked house– even Warner Bros. would have made it cheap and fast. And the animation of Donald being cowardly is luxurious.