Another project: Print historical atlas

It took forever to paint that orange as Almea

Today’s mail brought a proof copy the Historical Atlas of Almea.  It’s quite pretty.

It includes both Ereláe and Arcél, and maps and information about other areas as well, and the maps are big, about 5.5″ by 7.5″, and in full color.

I was worried that the color maps would be grainily halftoned, like the photos in the PCK, but no, they’re quite nice, and all the text is sharp… really, it makes the on-line version look fuzzy and difficult.

Which is good, because the color printing makes it much more expensive.  More on that later.

When can you get your hands on it?  Well, I’m proofing it now, and then I’ll need to order another proof.  I think it needs a map of Neinuoi, too.  I really want this to be the most gorgeous and accurate reference possible.  So, probably a few weeks.