The Democrats picked up a house seat in western New York tonight, suggesting that things do look bad for Republicans.  Kathy Hochul won 47-43; compare to 2010 where Republican Chris Lee won 74-26.  (Republicans had also won the previous four elections.)

There was a Tea Party spoiler who got 9%, but that really only underscores the growing predicament of the Republicans.  Continue full steam toward Ryansville and they’ll pretty much guarantee themselves  spectacular wreck; but stop doing so and they’ll face revolts from the wingnuts.

There have been reports that some of the GOP didn’t want to jump off the cliff.  But now that they’ve jumped, how do they get back?  In ordinary life when you make a mistake you can apologize and undo it, but the usual plan in politics is to intensify your mistake instead, till you lose the election.  The craziness won’t abate.

Edit: Davis, the third-party candidate, called himself Tea Party but seems to be something else— mostly anti-trade and anti-immigration, I gather.   When the Republicans attacked him, his numbers went down but theirs didn’t go up.  This only makes it worse for the GOP: Davis wasn’t dividing the GOP vote, but siphoning off some from all candidates.  The end-Medicare plan is a clear loser.