I’ve updated the proto-Eastern page to include the relevant information on Luxajia– sound changes and vocabulary.

There’s also a nice new languages map (actually it’s the one from the new atlas).

Luxajia is a Čia-Ša language; specially a Čia one.  It replaces “Lufaša” in earlier Almeology.  The Great Reclimatization hit Luduyn hard; Gurdago had to be moved to the opposite coast, and its history was pretty much entirely rewritten.  As Gurdago took over the Čia region but not the Ša region, the best-known language had to be from the Čia family.

In addition, I took the opportunity to work out ‘real’ Čia-Ša names.  Both halves of the double-barrelled name mean ‘people’; it’s cognate to PE *gens and thus to Verdurian ženLuxajia is named for Luxae, ‘bend (of the river) city’; the –e comes from Old Skourene .

My original intention was for the Čia-Ša languages to be monosyllabic; I didn’t do that, as I already have two monosyllabic languages over in Arcél.  Luxajia has a strong preference for roots to be no longer than two syllables, though.

This doesn’t mean I’m done with the Luxajia grammar… only with those words that derive from proto-Eastern.