I’ve been working on my Mandarin.  One thing I’ve found is that just knowing more words is a Good Thing.  It makes the grammar portions of the text, as well as the readings, much less intimidating.  I wanted to do the same for my knowledge of characters, so I created a set of flashcards.  Unfortunately it seems to fail on IE9, which is merely the world’s most popular browser.  Safari and Firefox handle it fine.

(Anyone have ideas?  Other pages with Javascript work fine, like this one or this one.  Other pages wtih Unicode, like the link below, work fine.  Does IE9 fail when the Javascript has Unicode in it?)

Update: thanks largely to alert reader hakaku, this is fixed.  Apparently it wasn’t the Unicode; it was the string handling.  IE must interpret byte by byte and then outsource the execution to the Philippines, or something.

While I was at it, I updated the Zompist Phrasebook in Chinese to Unicodify the pinyin (and to get rid of the horrible Word formatting that bulked up the page).