No, not the Republicans, the space zombies.  I realized that I wanted to mess around that scary huge spaceship some more, and I figured out how: play it on Easy!  That was just the ticket… I can enjoy the game now, instead of getting stuck whenever there are more than three monsters in the room.

I don't think the ship's warranty covers this

This time, knowing what to expect, I was also able to pick up all the goodies along the way, plus I generally have enough ammo now.  And now that I’m not firing wildly, I can appreciate the particular mechanic of the game, and admire all the variations on limbs you can cut off.  (I guess it makes some sense, in that I can see how headshots wouldn’t necessarily finish off mindless destruction zombies.)  And I can better appreciate the little horror touches, such as the insane survivors you sometimes run into.

I gotta say though… why are my crewmates wandering around this completely fucked up ship without a helmet, to say nothing of armor?  Is Isaac wearing the only spacesuit around?