Brazil rising

One of the themes in my sf timeline is the rise of Brazil.  And now it can be said to be happening.  Here’s a great article by Perry Anderson on the rising power and prosperity of Brazil, largely the achievement of its previous president, Luiz Inácio da Silva (Lula).  It was a bit of luck (e.g. rising commodity prices and being a key market for China), a good lump of sense, and above all some refreshingly left-wing measures.  The number of poor in Brazil dropped from 50 to 30 million in six years.  And his reaction to the recession was startlingly Keynesian… he continued spending and encourged Brazilians to do the same; growth resumed in just a few months.

The upper class hates him, for much the same reason as their equivalents hated Roosevelt: not because their interests are harmed (the Brazilian stock market is booming, and more prosperity means more sales) but because their self-image is.  They can’t forgive someone whose power doesn’t depend on them.