I finished revising Against Peace and Freedom a couple weeks ago, and sent it out for another round of feedback.  The results were encouraging: two readers pretty much liked the book and read it very quickly (always a good sign).  One didn’t like it.

It became clear that there are still some problems with the first quarter of the book.  I may have mentioned that AD 4901 started as a text adventure, and I adapted what I’d already got done into a narrative.  As the initial bits of the adventure involved quite a bit of random exploration, the initial chapters ended up quite episodic and expository.  Once I got past to new material, the book reads better.

So I’m going to rewrite the first few chapters; I also have an idea that should help illustrate what’s wrong with the Okura regime.

I’m also working on the front cover illustration, which is requiring an amazing amount of illustration and 3-D modelling for what will after all be about a five inch square picture.