This was a bit of Against Peace a.k.a. AD 4901— the protagonist wastes a few hours cruising students’ datascenes on the Vee, assigning points according to the following list.  At a reader’s suggestion I’m removing this bit from the book, but I might as well put it somewhere.

10 points for a cute hologram; 15 for one that depicts an embarrassing situation; 20 if it involves nudity

10 points for a résumé of the student’s achievements in high school (50 points if it goes back to grade school)

5 points for a misspelling you haven’t seen before

1 point for each declaration of support for an enormously popular band; more points being awarded for extraordinary gushiness

2 points for each college paper or class project preserved in the Vee; 3 points extra if the grade is attached; 5 if it’s bad

5 points for a cloying expression of devotion to a love interest, parent, or pet; 15 extra points if it rhymes

5 points for solutions to political problems, plus a point for each incorrect fact

10 points for any scene presented entirely in an alien language the student obviously has not mastered

15 points for any complex bit of scene programming (for instance, a neural interface, or a responsive holofractal animation) which serves only as an under construction banner

5 points for a huge unsorted, unannotated pile of links

10 points for any scene that links to all the student’s friends’ scenes, none of which link back