I’ve written a description of the Incatena universe and timeline, which I’ll put up soon.  And I just finished another edit, focussing on consistency and tech level, fixing some of the satirical bits, and tying together some of the structure.  (Often I had no idea in writing a chapter what would happen a hundred pages later, and a couple of quick explanations or bits of foreshadowing help a lot.) 

Allso spell-checked it.  It seems I picked up some quirky notions of what to do with verbs with final -l. 

I love the Internet.  Years ago I wrote a program to calculate distances between local stars, and I needed to revisit this as I changed which stars I’m using.  But my program looked wrong, and I started to call up half-forgotten bits of trigonometry.  Then I recalled that Internet thing.  In a couple minutes I’d found some pages which precisely solved the geometric problem.  So, I’m pretty sure that Beta Hydri is seven light years from Zeta Tucanae.

This may sound like a lot of work for a comedy, but comedy doesn’t excuse sloppiness, in my view.  I mean, I don’t scruple at inventing a new technology for laughs, but on the whole I did about the same sort of conworlding (or conuniversing) that I’d do for a ‘serious’ novel.

Now the hard part: that damn cover illustration, which is going to stretch my 3-D illustration skills.  At least Mod Tool loaded this time.

I think I could use two or three readers to see if I’m on the right track.  Contact me if you’re interested.  The basic desiderata are 1) you’ve read a fair bit of sf; 2) you can read a 300-page book within a couple of weeks; 3) you can answer some basic questions on whether you liked it and if not, what bits didn’t work.  I don’t need detailed notes, I just want someone to point out if the whole thing is embarrassing.