I finished my read-through of On the 50th Century, or (Against) Peace and Freedom, or Frontier Planet Blues, or How Agent Morgan Tired of Tea, or whatever I end up calling this book.  To my surprise, the structural problem I was anticipating failed to show up.  The plot more or less makes sense.  I think.

Some bits are over very quickly, which I have to think about.  In general I think it’s a greater sin for a novel to drag than to be breezy.

There’s a few chapters that need reworking, which is annoying because it’s much harder than revising.  Some of these are the very beginning… there’s a big lump of exposition I have to figure out what to do with.

I also probably have to reinforce some key ideas.   One question the more annoying sort of reader may have is, why is the protagonist sent out with laughably insufficient resources?  The answer is that in an age when bodies can be scanned at the molecular level and brains neuron by neuron, you can’t sneak in weapons or a weaponized human; you rely on low-tech prodding and poking.  But I should explain that earlier.

I should probably start worrying about the cover illustration.  I have an idea which is probably way beyond my artistic abilities, but we’ll see.  I could always go back to having a big unlikely spaceship doing something exciting like orbiting a planet.