I finally got a house in Fallout New Vegas— well, a motel room.  Also a companion.

Red beret day

I got the room just in time… my inventory was filled to overflowing.  You have to do more quests in FNV than in Fallout 3 to get a place, and you get no robot butler. 

I’m still enjoying the game, and Boone isn’t a bad companion… he has a way of shooting enemies before I even see them, which is something to value in a friend.  Kind of surprisingly, he hasn’t tried to hit on me, but then the guy recently lost his wife.

I have to say that the game seems easier than F3.  Maybe I’m just getting better at Fallout games– each playthrough of F3 has been easier too.  But I rarely touch my pile of stimpaks; there’s beds all over, and in the middle of exploration there’s nothing like a couple refreshing bottles of Sunset Sarsaparilla.  (It’s not even irradiated, though Nuka-Cola still is.  In general the logic of what’s radioactive or not is a little odd.)

I also gotta say, with some exceptions, the voice acting is poor.  Maybe they were trying for Western stoicity, but mostly it hits between impassivity and trouble figuring out the lines.  It’s a pity; the Western angle should be more fun than it is.

Also kind of a disappointment so far: the Wild Wasteland perk.  For one thing, it kind of ruins it to give it a musical sting and an icon; it’s like having a big sign reading WACKY.  Plus the few times it has come up, the content has been decidedly non-wacky.