Over at The New Republic, William Galston has a good article on why Boehner’s life will be hell if the Republicans retake the House.

In a few words: pride goeth before a fall.   The public is not asking for a do-nothing Congress… and Boehner and others think they’re being elected to resist everything Obama wants to do. 

And that’s before getting to the problem of budget cuts.  Thing is, Americans only want small government in the abstract; when it comes down to specifics they want big government.  A majority of Republicans object to big cuts in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and defense… and that’s the bulk of federal spending.  When it comes down to the rest– the fabled “discretionary spending’–  well, people want most of that too.

Then there’s the little problem that the Republicans have promised to fight to add to the deficit by making Bush’s tax cuts permanent. 

So, they’re gonna have a great November 2010.  And I suspect a very painful November 2012.