A new page giving the biography of a typical Demoshi peasant of about 1400 Z.E.

I’ve been working out Munkhâshi and its modern descendant Dhekhnami.  It’s well past time, since they’re the major antagonists in Ereláe; the occasion is a revamp of the Historical Atlas and realizing that I was tired of not knowing what any of the geographical names meant.

I originally wrote it as a culture test, and decided it could be better done this way.  The one thing you miss is the quick tour of all the neighbors.  (Hint: the Munkhâshi disdain them all.)

Munkhâshi originally (i.e. in 1978) looked like your typical post-Tolkien Bad People Language; on the other hand, I’ve explored difficult phonologies in Barakhinei and Elkarîl.  There are some hairy consonant clusters, but I’ve done worse.  Dhekhnami is more fun; most of the difficult sounds have been softened, and I don’t think it sounds like a Bad People Language any more.