Going to rant about some new game content.  It may not be pretty.

Great posters

First, the new Borderlands DLC, Claptrap Revolution.  Overall good, though a huge step down from its awesome predecessor, Gen. Knoxx’s Secret Armory.   The robot jokes are amusing (especially the Bioshock ref), and they’ve done more voice work… Tannis is back and funnier than ever.   It doesn’t feel as novel (or as big) as Knoxx, though… you kill a load of claptraps, but that’s about the only really new thing.  Some of the levels are perhaps over-large; though they’re really pretty, there just isn’t enough to do in them, so you end up walking around a lot.

But the gruntle comes with the last boss, who is ridiculously overpowered.  It’s a change from the usual too-easy Borderlands bosses, but it’s not a fun challenge, just a frustrating one, since it’s so much harder than anything else in the DLC.  And there’s no ammo machine in the level, so once I’d exhausted the only gun that seemed to do any damage, I was screwed.

TF2 has finally implemented trading.  Yay; I finally got a soldier hat.  They really should have made trading available directly from Steam, or as a mini-app, though.  A lot of pre-trading is going to occur on boards and such, and it’s inconvenient if your partners aren’t in-game.  And if they are, you want to play the game, not take time out to trade.

There’s also a store where you can buy extra items, which is borderline annoying.  From interviews, Valve seems to be avoiding the obvious trap– making the best items in the game things you have to buy.  Most everything is available as drops instead.  But the prices are insane… there are hats for $17.49 in actual folding cash money.  That’s a single hat; the game itself costs 20 bucks.  Plus you can get a random crate drop, and you can only open it with a key that costs $2.49.  And it might just be a virtually worthless weapon.  That goes over the border into out and out annoying, much like the walking ad for paid DLC content in Dragon Age Origins. 

On the other hand, you can buy your friends random gifts.  I’m in favor of this, because I like getting presents.  Since I play with a bunch of neat people on Mefi, I’ve gotten something like ten free items this way.

Finally, Left 4 Dead 2 updated today with a new map, The Sacrifice, as well as a retooling of L4D1’s No Mercy.  Nice, except you can’t finish the game single-player, which they don’t tell you till the finale of the third level.  So I can’t finish that either.  (Yes, I know it can be played in multiplayer.  If the map is multiplayer-only, then make it multiplayer-only and don’t show it as a single-player option.)

More interesting is the comic that goes with the update; more on that later.