I don’t know how it is for other authors, but for me there’s a period when the text of a book is liquid.  I keep thinking of things that need to go in, I keep re-reading and finding new typos or marginally better wording.  That’s where the book has been for awhile.  But, well, it has to go out sometime.

And it has— I sent the files to Amazon tonight.  Once those are processed I order a proof copy, then find approximately 80% of the remaining errors, leaving at least one embarrassing one on the very first page.  Then repeat, hopefully just once.  So it’s probably 6 to 8 weeks from the virtual bookshelves, most of this now being waiting on Amazon rather than on myself.

I’ve also been working on a paid conlanging job.  Yes, such things happen!

I have two novels I want to publish too; but I also need to bolster the sagging bank account.  So, er, if anyone has a programming or tech writer job in the Chicago area, or a telecommute, contact me.  It doesn’t have to be full time.