I’m freaking out about November. Any words of comfort? Does the Big
Picture offer any solace?


For November, no.  The ruling party in the US almost always loses House seats in a midterm election:

Ignore all the pundit excretions on What Obama Did Wrong.  The midterm effect plus the bad economy is all you need to know.

In the slightly longer term, we can take some perverse comfort in the fact that the Republicans won’t endear themselves to Americans once they control the House.  An opposition party out of power can just shout “no no no”, but once in government they have to do something.  They can’t enact their own agenda (like repealing health care) and they don’t want to help Obama or the country, so they’ll do little or nothing, and that will look bad in 2012… much worse than not being in power.  All the unfairness of blaming Obama for the crisis Bush bequeathed him, they’ll get it all back.

Krugman points out that they’ll try to invent scandals to investigate, as they did in the Clinton years.  It’ll be ugly.  But it’s ugly now.

The longer-term trends are against them.  They’ve staked everything on speaking for angry old white men, and that demographic is, well, going to die off.  Anger against non-whites, non-Christians, and gays is going to play less well every decade.