So why no fabulous updates?  Mostly because I’m spending most of my energy on finishing the sequel to the LCK, tentatively called the Planet Construction Kit… a guide to creating everything about a conworld but the languages.

Since the coverage is so broad, it’s much harder to judge whether it’s hitting the right level of usefulness.  So I could use a limited number of people to read the manuscript and opine on whether it’s on the right track, or what it needs.  Please note this means reading a book that’s the length of, well, a book, and giving more than a paragraph of feedback.  Also you’ll get  a free copy out of it.

The book covers some things I’m not an expert in, notably geology and military history, so it’s a bonus if you have expertise in these subjects.

While we’re at it, the best research book I’ve picked up so far is John Keegan’s A History of Warfare, a brilliant brief overview of war over the last 10,000 years.