Jonathan Chait has an excellent dissection of Republican claims that health care reform is extreme or even unpopular. 

The Obama plan is essentially the same as Republican Mitt Romney’s, except with more cost savings; Timothy Noah even has an amusing piece challenging readers to identify whether 10 pro-reform statements were made by Obama or Romney.  Chait even digs up a book by right-wing talk-radio host praising a key aspect of Romneycare: the individual mandate to buy insurance.  Got that?  The mandate was praised by Republicans in 2007; in 2010 it’s suddenly unconstitutional. 

As for Republican bleating that the people reject health reform, that turns out not to be the case.  Gallup finds that Americans find it a good thing, 49 to 41%.  (The other 11% had no opinion, the slackers.)  Chait points out that earlier polls showed significant opposition from the left– about 12% feel the bill doesn’t go far enough.  The Repubs don’t get to claim those folks as opposing reform.

People are going to start getting a lot of actual information about the plan now, and the tendency has been that as they learn more, people like it.  And that’s bad news for the Republican strategy of lies and obstruction.