I’ve been playing the newest Borderlands DLC, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, which raises the level cap from 50 to 61.  Four of us started out, all at level 50, and we were constantly creamed… we’d be going down the highway, all get wasted by Lance Probes, and barely get farther next time. 

Tooling down one of the many, many highways in the DLC

I think I complained about not being able to see your money past $10 million and how strangely demotivating that is.  Well, they sure fixed that problem– dying costs 7% of your cash, so I spent a fortune getting reanimated.

All this was pretty much hilarious fun.  The Dr. Ned zombies really weren’t hard enough… the game needed a solid challenge.  (Though it’s unpredictable whether any particular mission will be hard or not… there’s something to be said after all for Oblivion’s monster levelling.)

There’s bits that remind me of Grand Theft Auto IV… not so much the criminality as the amazing amount of driving.  Thank Scooter for afterburners.

I also finished my replay of Mass Effect, this time on Veteran level.  It is better that way… on the other hand, I do think combat is just not the game’s strong suit.  Halfway through the game or so, I had a strategy that took care of most battles– pretty much Barrier and Marksman with pistols only; use the other mass effects, plus cover, while they recharge.  I have a new appreciation for games that create weapons or tactics you’re eager to try– Fallout 3, Borderlands, and TF2 are all great at that.