I finished Assault on Dark Athena, only to hear that Escape from Butcher Bay is supposedly the really good Riddick game.  Fine, Butcher Bay it is.

Riddick nods to the competition

It works pretty much the same way, only it feels bigger… there are more characters and more interactions.  You’re thrown in prison, and in order to escape you have to do standard prison-movie things, like beat other inmates to death. 

It’s generally challenging, because unlike say Half-Life 2, you don’t have fancy body armor– just Vin’s muscle shirt– so a second of gunfire will down you.  So you have to sneak as much as you can and use cover and die a lot.  (Hopefully the game will improve my aim… getting in the first shot makes a big difference.)

I had crashes in both games till I updated my ATI Radeon drivers.  A nasty side effect of this seems to be that Mirror’s Edge is now degraded… some levels are nearly unplayable.  Major argh.

On the plus side, over in Left 4 Dead 2, I got a beautiful charge tonight– sent two survivors off the side of the hotel in Dead Center.  There was much rejoicing among the infected.