I just finished the main story for Mirror’s Edge.  It’s really a great game, especially once you figure out all the moves.  Everything was covered in the tutorial, but just once.  A few moves like wallrun-turn-jump were pretty awkward; I got it right by accident and hoped I’d never use it.  The solution to this is the time trials mode; I practiced them enough to get them into the cerebellum and now I can execute them on demand.  Mostly.

Pretty cityscape from the finale

Pretty cityscape from the finale

Especially for time trials, there are a lot of factors that apply– or to put it another way, a lot of ways to fuck up– when it comes to making a particular jump: your momentum, exactly when you start the jump, even where you’re looking.  Weirdly, there are times when you need to coil-jump (press left shift to crouch or retract your legs; I found this worked a lot better by rebinding it to R) for additional distance, and times when you won’t make the jump if you do so.

In many ways it’s like Portal: immersive first person, clever game mechanics that downplay combat, female protagonist, fast healing so she dies only if she’s damaged too quickly, relatively short main story.  Both even feature songs named “Still Alive”.  The non-story content is actually better; the time trials are addictive, more so than the nastified levels and challenges in Portal.

The story is, well, minimal.  (Curious fact though: the main writer, Rhianna Pratchett, is the daughter of fantasy writer Terry of that ilk.)  At least it doesn’t get in the way.